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Forest Lake


Oregon and Washington offer a number of fisheries for Salmon.  Beginning from April through July, the highly sought after Spring Chinook are targeted on the Clackamas and Willamette Rivers in Oregon City,  as well as the Columbia River.  These “Springers” are highly sought after world-wide, and considered to many as the best tasting and most flavorful salmon. 


The Fall Chinook run on numerous rivers August through December.  Many anglers prize these fish for their size, averaging 20-35 pounds, and some can reach up to 50 pounds and higher.  Brian targets these fish on the Columbia River at Buoy 10, then upriver to Bonneville, and then back to Tillamook bay, as well as a couple smaller coastal rivers.  


Silver Salmon, known as “Coho,” are also very popular.  They average 10-20 pounds, and the fight is action packed.  They usually run with the Fall Chinook at Buoy 10 and Bonneville.

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